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We provide legal representation in Denver, Jefferson, Adams, Boulder, Weld, Larimer, and Arapahoe counties. Below are some of the case types that we handle:


Criminal Cases

Domestic Violence and Violation of a Protective Order
Drug Crimes (possession and delivery of marijuana, dangerous drugs, or controlled substances)
Deferred Adjudication and Probation Violations
Assaultive Offenses
Shoplifting and Theft
Felony Violent Crimes
Prostitution and Sexually Oriented Business Violations
Gun and Other Weapon Offenses
Juvenile Offenses

Criminal Investigations

As a Colorado criminal defense lawyer, Ms. Sakany also represents businesses and individuals who have not yet been charged, but are under investigation or may soon be under investigation by a law enforcement agency. Having a qualified and experienced criminal defense lawyer during the investigative phase of a criminal case may be the difference between whether or not charges are filed.

Record Clearing and Sealing

For individuals seeking to clear their records, Ms. Sakany understands the law and procedure related to petitions for record sealing. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, Ms. Sakany is able to provide counsel regarding eligibility and procedures to seal one’s record. For an excellent criminal defense lawyer in Colorado, contact Ellen Sakany to schedule a no-cost consultation to discuss your matter.

Civil Litigation

When individuals or businesses disagree on a matter, they may end up taking their case to court. It is important to have an experienced attorney who can protect your rights and assets. Ms. Sakany has extensive experience in the following areas of civil litigation:

  • Contract disputes

  • Business disputes

  • Contractor disputes

  • Partnership and corporate disputes

  • Small business litigation

  • Personal injury claims

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